Scheps Omni Channel: Improvement to Mono Button

Right now “Mono” sums left & right into a single mono output. Cool.
“L” or “R” play just the left or right channel. Cool.

What I want is the ability to hold SHIFT while clicking L or R so I can also click Mono

Shift+L+Mono = Mono output which includes only the left channel
Shift+R+Mono = Mono output which includes only the right channel

I’m not interested in workarounds – yes, I can do this in my DAW with routing adjustments or another plugin… But it would be fast in Omni channel to have it.

Example use case:

You have a stereo track but mono combines channels with unpleasant results (phase issues or otherwise) so you want just the left or just the right track — but centered.

Thanks for considering it! Cheers

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