Introducing : The Next Generation of Clarity: Powered by Waves Neural Networks »

The Next Generation of Clarity: Powered by Waves Neural Networks

Clarity Vx DeReverb
AI Room & Reverb Removal for Voice
Clarity Vx DeReverb
Use AI to make ANY vocal usable, no matter the room.

When you record in an untreated environment, you also capture a serious amount of room sound. Use Clarity to get professional-sounding vocal & dialogue recordings – anywhere.

Say goodbye to room & reverb problems. Say hello to Clarity.

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Clarity Vx DeReverb has been added to your Waves Creative Access subscription for FREE, no extra cost. Simply update your software in Waves Central: See instructions here »

Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro
Advanced AI Reverb Removal for Voice
Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro
Remove reverb from dialogue with more power, precision & control.

Welcome to a faster workflow for dereverbing dialogue. Early reflections, long tails – remove anything, instantly. The voice refinement you can achieve with DeReverb Pro is unrivaled.

6 flexible processing bands to only dereverb problem frequencies, extra power with 200% reduction, Tail Smoothing to make dialogue match the visuals, and much more.

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Clarity Vx DeReverb Pro is available through the Waves Ultimate subscription, separately for purchase, or by updatingyour Mercury, SD7, or Pro Show bundle.

If you wish to upgrade to Waves Ultimate subscription, you can do so here.
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Tony Maserati (Beyoncé, Alicia Keys)

Tony Maserati

(Beyoncé, Alicia Keys)

Mixing Engineer

“I often receive vocals recorded by artists at home, and wish I had a way of removing room sound. I now have that ability.”
Damien Lewis (Rihanna, Timbaland)

Damien Lewis

(Rihanna, Timbaland)

Mixing Engineer, Producer

“This is the processor we’ve all been waiting for. Music production is ubiquitous with working from stems and loops now, and Clarity is pure magic at removing reverb without artifacts.”
Julian Slater (Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho)

Julian Slater

(Baby Driver, Last Night in Soho)

Oscar-Nominated Re-recording Mixer

“This is very impressive. It managed to fix ‘boxed’ sounding dialogue like a dream!”
Scott Gershin (Pinocchio, American Beauty)

Scott Gershin

(Pinocchio, American Beauty)

Sound Supervisor, Re-recording Mixer

“Clarity works like a charm. I used it on ADR that had too much room sound – it took a minute, and the room was gone; we didn’t need to re-record the actors.”

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Awesome, downloading now! Clarity Vx has been really impressive and I have high hopes for this one. Also really happy that the Pro version is included in Mercury this time<3

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Glad to see “Pro” included in Mercury.


Hey @Adi.Waves I noticed that the description for “Dialogue 1” & “Dialogue 2” in the plugin is identical, which seems like an oversight. There’s obviously some difference between those settings and the UI should reflect this like it does in Clarity Vx. The user manual also mentions on page 4 (or page 10 for the Pro version) that there are supposed to be Neural Networks with added Noise Reduction, but there’s no “Singing 2 +NR” option in the plugin. :thinking:

Hi @krabbencutter,

Appreciate the report, I have moved this forward to our team to handle.

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Indeed, both Neural Networks have the same description. They have different networks and will simply deliver different results depending on the content processed through.

Regarding the NR networks mentioned in the Manual - that is a mistake and it will be fixed in the near future.