Allow custom Installations

It would be great if you could allow Users to creat custom Installers to exclude unneeeded Plugin Versions.

For example, I would like to install only these EQ Versions

  • Q10
  • REQ6
  • VEQ3, VEQ4

and would leave the Others uninstalled

  • Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q7, Q8
  • REQ2, REQ4

Same for other Plugins like GTR Stomp, SuperTap, UltraPitch etc. or Bundles in general.


HI @gthcstudios,

You can install individual plugins by going to All Products instead of my products in the Waves Central Install Products section, next simply search for the plugins you wish to install.

You can also set the view menu to show only V14, V13, and V12…, all depending on the license versions you own.

Removing individual plugins is also possible and can be done manually by deleting the .bundle extensions from > PC: C:\Program Files (x86)\Waves\Plug-Ins V14, Mac: Applications\Waves\ Plugins V14

I hope that helped.

Thanks for the detailed Answer. Still a bit confusing to me, as the All Products Overview doesn’t allow me to select specific Plugins from the Bundles I own, too.

So I have to select all of their single Plugin Equivalents. But Q1 to 8 and REQ2 & 4 aren’t listed separatelly. Neither could I delete their .bundle Extensions separatelly, as there aren’t any.

So, for me it looks like the EQ Versions with fewer Bands still get installed with the main Version of the Plugin (Q10 & REQ for Example).