Purchased FL Studio template needs Renaissance Bass as single VST


so I just purchased a template for FL Studio (I think the genre doesn’t matter for this question). On the website from the template it had a plugin list which also listed RBass. In order to get the original sound from the sound demo of the template you need all the plugins in the list. Because I (thought) I had them, I just bought it.

Now, I just opened the file in FL Studio and it’s all fine, only thing that is not working is RBass, it says VST plugin failed to load. It seems that the problem here is actually that I have to load RBass during the WaveShell Plugin, and thats why it doesnt find the RBass from the guy that made this template, as he for sure had Renaissance Bass without this detour via waveshell.

So, is there an known solution for this without me need to buy this plugin as a single one? Is there any way to find the file from RBass on my pc or any solutions during the installation process that I overlooked (I only installed RBass and RCompressor btw)? I already searched for it in all different folders but haven’t found it.

Hi @epicsaphir,

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The only proper way to use a Waves plugin will be offcourse to buy the license.

There is no other way to obtain licenses for software without owning them even if you manage to install them they will not work without an official license.

Hi and thank you for your answer.

Sadly, that doesn’t solve my problem. I own the licenses of Rbass and Rcompressor (as said before that I installed them already, of course under full license) but if I want to load them in FL Studio, I only can choose “WaveShell1-VST 14.12_x64” as usual, and then I can load them seperatly into FL Studio through the WaveShell Plugin and THEN it’s there as Rbass and Rcompressor (also with the names) in the mixer channel list. It says “you have opened a plugin that contains other plugins” which is fine but a problem in this case.

If I open this purchased template it says that it’s missing Rbass and Rcompressor, and the plugins are already there as Rbass and Rcompressor, not as “WaveShell1-VST 14.12_x64”, so what I want to know is how can I load the plugins as its own without the WaveShell plugin, I mean the files must be somehow on my computer right? Like the WaveShell1-VST 14.12_x64.dll?

Sure, you just mentioned the above so it was not clear you own the license.

Now referring to the information you provided, it seems that those sessions were loaded with Waves plugins as VST (Not Supported) instead of VST3(officially Supported).

When saving sessions in other format the VST3 results can be as you experience, since VST is not supported there is no official solution as the sessions was saved with the wrong plugin format.

Now what can be done is to : save those presets from the mentioned Waves plugins in their original sessions, Once done move them to your computer, so you can load them to the mentioned templates.
Once you load those plugins as VST3 in your FL Studio, you should be able to load those presets that were saved from the original session on the supported VST3 Waves plugin. (If optional of course).

Another issue here is :Waves plugins should always load with their plugin name and NOT as a Waveshell as the sessions/template were saved apparently.
This normally means Fl scans for unneeded Waves folders instead of just the VST3 folder which is required.
This can be fixed by following these next steps which will guide you through a hard rescan.

If you still unable to load your plugins even as VST3 please Contact Technical Support and they will make sure to solve that for you.

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