PRS SuperModels Dual-Mono to Stereo

Every single amps sims I own (too many!) has a dual-mono to stereo mode, were two hard-panned DIs can be sent to the same plugin. This is irreplaceable when trying to quickly audition changes to the rhythm tone (like changing the cab, or gain staging).

Sadly, the current stereo mode only accepts a single mono input, which is something I never use or need.

This alone would increase the appeal of the PRS combo and bring them to party with the rest of the Amp sim market.

Many thanks!

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Zero-latency mode would be nice too :wink:

I’d a actually think that doing a Dual Mono or simply Stereo to Stereo would be a good move.

It would enable guitarist to use their stereo effects units on the way in, but it would also enable other creative uses like applying the amp on Rhodes running through a stereo effect or even a synth.


this dual mono mode you mean is called stereo in cla guitars. i do yesterday another thread about it, and also information that cla guitars stereo have such a stereo mode. maybe i should delete my thread, because your suggestions was earlier

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I am now extra frustrated that CLA guitars already has this stereo in. Whatever gets their attention right.

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