Podcast Sound Balancing

I was watching some videos about plugins from Waves about the best OBS filter setups using the plugins, but I was wondering if there were any specifically set up to balance existing audio between multiple sources? I frequently have an issue where I’ve adjusted OBS’s sources to be even with one another, but in the recording, one source always ends up quieter than the other. I’m no sound technician and I remember sound balancing being a pretty simple setting on old programs in the past… is there any such thing here?

Is it the track that you are recording sounds quieter??

This sounds to me like a kind of psychoacoustic effect where the brain gets tricked into thinking that the instrument you are playing, or vocal sounds more quiet than it is. I don’t the name for this but it’s a very real and very common thing.

It is my vocal track that is quieter and the other vocal track that is louder. It’s not just in my mind, it shows in the editing as well. I’ve turned them down by -6.7db but occasionally I still seem to get quieter. That’s why I was looking for some sort of auto-balancer. I remember using an add-on for Skype MANY years back that did that, and if they could make one for Skype, I don’t see why someone wouldn’t have made one for OBS or the like.

It seems to me something g odd is going on in that case. Do you have any plugins or perhaps some hidden automation working against you??