Plugins slow to load when connected to internet

I’ve had this issue ever since vst3 plugins came onto the scene, where loading plugins in a Cubase project takes 20-30 seconds before the gui appears. Noticed that this is likely a Windows 10 issue as the same thing happens in Studio One 5 Artist and Vegas Pro 17. No other manufacturer’s plugin does this.

Just discovered today that disabling internet (in my case disabling the ethernet adaptor in Windows 10) dramatically speeds up the load time.

Does anyone have any ideas as to why being on the internet causes Waves plugins to load up so slowly whilst other plugin manufacturers don’t exhibit this problem? Would love to use Waves v12 without constantly connecting/disconnecting if possible (although I’m now glad that the plugins are somewhat usable now in a workflow).

Windows 10 64 bit running Cubase 11 Pro and Waves v12.


No idea myself as I’m haven’t experienced this issue myself. Are you using a VPN at all?? I can imagine that might cause some issues.

it might be worthwhile checking your “ping” time on your modem. It’s possible that water damage may have gotten into the lines and is causing this kind of behaviour. The best people to talk to though would be Waves Tech Support…


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Thanks for the feedback - yeah, its a weird one.

I don’t have any VPN going - all of windows networking has been reset to defaults and I’m getting a clean feed.

Pings are normal - internet behaviour is normal. I guess my original question points to the possibility that for whatever reason the waves plugins (or waveshell or something else associated with waves) needs to access the internet for whatever reason, and it is this access to the internet that is somehow causing these lags.

I’m not sure tbh, which is why I am throwing a line out in case somebody else has experienced anything similar.

Either way, as it might sound like a unique situation here I’ll contact waves support and see what they can advise.

Just noting that vst2 plugins (when waves had them) had no such issue a couple of years back, but only the vst3 plugins lag. At the time I could access both vst2 and vst3 versions of the plugins so I just chose the vst2 as they didn’t lag. Now I only have the vst3 plugins available to me so am stuck.

Can give more info now - I have troubleshooted the network chain and can say that it is more an issue with the ethernet connection rather than the internet as what I first said earlier.

Seems that whether I disable the ethernet port from within Windows or unplug the ethernet cable from the PC, they both allow the plugins to open quickly.

So the issue is something to do with the ethernet ports - I’m using the ones built into the motherboard (an Intel I217-V and Killer E2200).

Anyway, I’m encouraged now as I have a direction to keep searching for a solution. Will let the forum know what I find in case this helps anyone else in the future.


Can now confirm that my issue was that something went wrong with the networking in my Windows 10 installation.

After running a Windows repair of lots of things (System File Checker, reset file permissions, reset networking etc) my PC is now loading the Waves plugins nice and quickly.


@bozley777:slight_smile: Thanks for joining the forum and sharing the solution with us!

Man, that is certainly good news and that info will ultimately be helpful to anyone with the same problem who may come across this thread.

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