OVox Crashes StudioOne (v4.6.1.55987)

Just bought several plugins today. OVox looks exciting, however it always hard crashes immediately my Windows 10 PC when I try to add OVox to an audio/vocal track. The crash is so hard I get sent to the BIOS setup screen where I just “Save & Exit” to reboot my computer. Wow! Nothing has done that in all my years.

In the meantime, the C6 Compressor and F6 EQ work great in StudioOne!

Hope someone can help. The manual gave me no clues.

Please contact our Tech Support team about this crash for local troubleshooting.
Are you loading OVox as VST or VST3? It should be VSRT3, not that VST would cause a crash though…

Thank you Yishai! I have submitted an email to support describing my situation. Fingers crossed!

Also, since you asked, Studio One is loading the VST3.