Omni Channel - DS2 Atk/Rls already exists (!) please expose controls!

Well this is incredible…
I discovered that Scheps Omni Channel has Attack & Release for the DS2s already – they just aren’t exposed to the user.

If you are a Reaper user, you can DS2 attack & release via the generic UI control. In other DAWs you can access the controls by sending automation to those parameters.

So the developer coded them and they work great – but the product designer must have decided it’s too much complexity.

First off, you could put the controls in the drill down page so it doesn’t clutter the main screen… And if it’s still too much – you could bury them behind ‘screws’ like you do the VU meter calibration.

Since it’s already there, it’s just a matter of some UI support to allow us easy control over those settings.

The DS2 is especially important because there’s no way to turn off auto-gain for the compressor. So you can use a DS2 for side-chain ducking (set it to the high shelf @ 20hz so it ducks all frequencies.) Attack/release is especially helpful for this.

But it’s helpful for standard de-essing as well, so please expose them! A couple of little screws on the UI would be fine, so you can keep it clean but add power-user control (which already exists in the plugin, it’s just not accessible in the UI!)

And while you’re at it PLEASE add a switch to turn off auto-gain for the compressor. The compressor is one of SOC’s best features, and auto-gain toggle would make it so much more useful.