Metering options accessible to blind and visually disabled users

hello! I am a blind Logic User and operate all my Waves plugins by using VoiceOver text-to.speach.converter in Logic Controller View. it would really be a great and urgently desired feature, if there was a metering option within all plugins (either in Controller View like Logic Stock Level Meter, or in the graphical view in upcoming VoiceOver compatible versions). a main feature should be, that any sound output of this option is routed to VoiceOver’s dedicated output. other features could be i.e. an automatical output reading of selected meterings, a translation to beeps at a variable frequency or a sine ton with variable frequency according to the displayed values. I myself prefere a numerical reading of the values in customable time intervalls. it would be great, if there were options to calibrate time windows for peak and rms, and i.e. in WLM+ for all important meterings. thanks in behalf of the comunity! Rainer Kremser

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I’m all for increased accessibility and improved user experience, however, I don’t work for Waves. Another good place to leave your feedback is on their website.


With any luck they’ll be able to offer you and other visually impaired users a better solution.

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