NLS should have an input trim knob and VU meter option!

Being that the program says it works optimally with the incoming signal at -18, it would be nice to have an input trim knob! That way, a second application is not needed to adjust the input value.

Also, peak metering is cool but a VU meter option would be nice as well since it’s modeled after analog processing. Maybe we can get a convient option button under the meter like the one featured on the Scheps Omnichannel.

Hopefully we can see these upgrades soon. Thanks for listening Waves!

  • @TheRobBec

That and an option to oversample would be really nice.

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What you say are necessary.

With Oversampling.

VU meter option.
Input Trims" as analog console’s line input trim.
And better VCA action. we need
When we fade on buss fader. Channel fader should fade.