NEW ⚡️ IONIC 16 Stagebox - Step Up to Superior Live Sound »

16 in / 12 out stagebox, powered by Waves Signature Preamps
IONIC 16 - Step Up to Superior Stagebox Sound
Superb Sound Quality, Newly Designed to Perfection

Enjoy the phenomenal sound of the first-ever stagebox designed and manufactured by Waves, with full integration in any eMotion LV1 mixing system. IONIC delivers superior punch and clarity in any live sound scenario, complementing the LV1’s already exceptional sonic performance.

Powered by Waves Signature Preamps

At the heart of IONIC 16 are Waves Signature Preamps: originally designed preamps with fully discrete analog circuits, delivering maximum headroom, lightning-fast transient response, and an incredibly low noise floor, plus your choice between pure preamp sound and added rich harmonic enhancement per input.
Are You Ready to Step Up?

-16 Waves Signature Preamps
-12 powerful line outputs
-Seamless eMotion
-LV1 integration
-2 independent headphone outs

IONIC 16 is Available Now Learn More

IONIC 16 is compatible with SoundGrid applications V13 and above.

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I’m not in the live field these days, but what’s the latency of these things and is it using the whole “audio over ethernet” protocols, or have we moved on from there??

Hi @simon.a.billington,

Yes, Soundgrid setups(I/O+Server) still use audio over ethernet, and latency is almost near zero (0.4 ms) round trip(while using a Waves I/O + Server) but as you can imagine those values will change depending on the session settings, the number of plugins, and SG drivers, as well as the type of plugins used, i.e. If you decide to throw an Abbey Road Chambers in your Session running in 96khz you will add 33 ms additional latency, that goes for SG and Native as well. Latency Values for both Live sound applications and Native setups are available under every plugin product page > Tech Specs > Latency Tab.

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