⚡️NEW & FREE! The new StudioRack and SoundGrid Studio ares here!

[NEW & FREE! The new StudioRack is here.]
Create your own custom plugins! The power of creation is in your hands.

Build powerful plugin chains. Split any chain into parallel racks. Turn any plugin into multiband. Harness StudioRack’s new Macros to create ‘custom plugins’ of your own design.
The new, completely re-imagined Waves StudioRack is here.

Get StudioRack Free

[SoundGrid Studio]

Record. Mix. Create.

Record & monitor with plugins in real time. Mix plugin-rich sessions. Collaborate without limits.

The all-new SoundGrid Studio is here, with new exciting features to supercharge your studio. Now Waves V11 compatible.


It is an awesome update. Flawless install! I am lovin’ it!

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I have a question. Now I asked you before and u replied that in the next update, which will be in the second quarter of 2020, a problem and full support for the 4k screens will be solved.
When will support be done? Why not add manual screen scale control?

Hi @ehabmxd,

This is the application screen size of our Soundgrid applications.

I do understand your disappointment and frustration with this. We are working towards 4K full screen support but we do not have an ETA for this at this time.

Holy cow!


Thanks for the kind words, I appreciate it, and do my best.

I understand your need for this, it is not a simple thing to just add across all our software.
I have passed this on to the relevant departments, but cannot advise if this type of solution will be implemented or an ETA on 4k / Full screen support.

I am missing so much a global mix knob in the Studio Rack.
In BlueCats Patchwork this is a big advantage.
When you find a cool preset (but its to much) it is such a good option to mix the whole chain in parallel.
please give us a mix knob in the future update!
thanx :slight_smile:

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