SOMETHING OBVIOUSLY MISSING on this CR8 Sampler. WAVES can you please please add an :point_right:t4: AUTO SLICE MODE TO THE SAMPLER and an AUTO MODE TO MAP the SAMPLES ACROSS THE KEY RANGES. :point_left:t4: This sampler would be perfect, but, incomplete and very cumbersome to work with without it. Thanks


came here to say this

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yeah, same, slicing mode would be great


Yeah, this was an obvious and contemporary thing to add, not sure why they didn’t. Perhaps they have something bigger and more impressive coming or maybe they plan to add it with an update. We can only dream and hope.

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Your right, [simon.a.billington] I hope the next update they would add something as common as having samples chopped and auto mapped across key zones, it would be a nice addition to this sampler!


Also, for the love of ■■■, slice to midi export. People actually like to slice breakbeats and keep the timing and rearrange slices in their DAW… make this a universal alternative to Ableton Simpler that will work in any DAW. Such an obvious feature that makes me wonder about the designers/product managers… like do any of them actually make music? Sorry, rant over.


Looks like WAVES is going to ignore the community for some time on a simple request, like an auto slice mode as well. So lets keep nagging or switch to MOMENTUM by BigFish audio, they got it right…out the box, and its free!

To be honest, this really isn’t the right place to do it. Well, its not the “official” place. If people want this feature they should all drop a request here. I already did a short while back, but the more people that make the request, the more likely they will listen.


I used the link and sent my request. I see what your saying, but, why have a forum and never gather the data to improve or even hear what the community is saying?, …kind of typical. Thanks for the link, I hope all thats interested will follow that link to submit the request for an auto slice mode for the CR8!

I agree. Maybe they do. I’m just thinking logging an official report will ensure they get the message. It’s just more effective if you can talk others into doing the same.

THIS IS THE EMAIL AFTER MY SUBMISSIOM :point_down::point_down::point_down:
I couldn’t believe the Tech- Support would ask that question, lol I how technical is it to ask for the program to auto slice and map the sample across the key range. I told whoever it was that’s a common feature with MOST samplers out there…Looks like they need to visit their OWN forums sometimes. SMH
Dear Anthony,

Thank you for contacting Waves Tech-Support,

To better understand please describe what do you mean exactly by writing Auto Slice mode, what will you expect it to do?
Elaborate as much information as you can and I will gladly forward it to the relevant personnel in Waves.

Awaiting your response,

Yeah you have to keep in mind that its pretty big company that have many people take on different roles. The guy who got your message might not even be a musical on someone who uses samples, whereas the dude working the afternoon shift might just be.

If they have to ask you to clarify what you mean, just take it with a grain of salt because 100% of people don’t always understand 100% of things 100% of the time. We’re all human after all.

Noted,! but when you run a software company with the reputation of WAVES, who is not an upstart company, you have to question, whose running the assylum. No one questioned anyone’s flaws, just the response of such a basic request.

I just believe 100% of people can’t be 100% perfect, 100% of times. We’re all human after all, and I tend to forgive people for that. At times it can be frustrating, it I cannot confess to being 100% either, so who am I to judge.

If it happened multiple times, then I’d find it an issue. As now it b comes a pattern and clearly justify not a freak incident.

But that’s me. I also believe in the idea of a one world. One that could exist without conflict and without borders. I can’t imagine it ever happening in my lifetime. But if we could put our petty issues aside, work together instead of against each other, the. we would be able to accomplish so much more.

Yes please! Like Simpler.

I wrote my requests direct to teh waves support and they told me to writ them here in this forum

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Oh interesting. That means they should be formally collecting suggestions and requests here. I’m pretty sure they mean this subform/category in that case.

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