CR8 EXS, SFZ import

Import up to 8 keygroups out of and EXS patch, inclusive Loop Points please.

That would be awesome useful. eg we could use Apple Logics Autosampler and its awesome penrose machine to create perfect loops AND then play that samples with CR8’s incredimble good sounding realtimesstretchiung !

Another option for non macOS useres would be SFZ import, that way we could use SampleRobot to automatically create SFZ Patches.

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I work with Logic Sampler myself. I do like the way you can convert a patch in Quick Sampler to the regular Sampler by just changing the plugin.

I only wished it worked that way going from Quick Sampler to CR8, or CR8 to Sampler. I just doubt Logic offers devs a way to access that kind of integration. Otherwise we may have seen Melodyne listed among Logic’s other Flex modes for all those who had it.

Still, you can always hope.

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I woudl be happy if we just could load EXS files, so that we can use the mapping in CR8.
The only thing to use Quicksampler Patches in Logic would be EXS Export :slight_smile:
Make a feature request :slight_smile:

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I’m with you. In fact, you can expand on that definition to include import and export options for several of the major samplers. That would be incredibly useful.

It would be a bit of an undertaking from Waves part though. I’d be happy with just the EXS support, but I’m a little biased. :thinking: