Neural network by preset in Clarity vx

I am a blind user of a great number of Waves plugins. I have recently started implementing Clarity vx pro into my workflow and am quite amazed by the results it gives. However, neither knowing what neural network is being used or changing it seems to be accessible to me since it’s not an automatable parameter. If there would be presets added that change the neural network or better yet, an automatable parameter it would help me and a lot of others make the best use of Clarity. Ps: This goes for the automation state inside of vocal rider as well.


They wouldn’t be able to set the Neural Net up as an automation feature as it can’t be adjusted in real time. This is because it has to perform an analysis of the audio so the plugin can “learn” from it.

Presets, however, sounds like a good idea. This link might be a more effective means of making your request.

Hi, as a fellow blind user of this plugin and many other Waves plugins I would agree that a way of accessibly toggling between the neural network modes would be useful. All the presets are accessible in Reaper’s native plugin window, and the other parameters are all reachable inside Reaper’s parameters list, but the neural network button is only reachable from within the plugin UI, and this is not at all accessible. Thanks.