Need Support! Cubase SSL Channel Mix Level

I want to automate the mix level of SSL Channel but it seems like it doesn’t have a mix setting. What should I do?

Hi @orkunugras3,

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You can set the SSL channel as an auxiliary fx, this will allow you to control it as a Dry/Wet mix setting from each channel where it is inserted.

Thanks for reply. How can I set it as an auxillary fx?

Welcome. The term will vary from host to host it should be under the same menu where you add a track, In some hosts it’s called an auxiliary track, send fx…

I suggest contacting your DAW manufacturer for specific instructions if you need further assistance.

Alternatively you can create a parallel strip inside StudioRack and use that to host the SSL channel which would allow you to blend back in some of the original.

This will allow you to do everything on one track without the need for a separate aux. Though that’s still a very serviceable technique.