MyMon PC Version

I’d like to see a version of MyMon that would run on Windows.

In the studio, I’m placing computers by each musician space, so they can mix their own monitors. Some musicians don’t have their own device or phone to use.

I recently purchased a pallet of used PC’s for this purpose. At $15 each, they were far cheaper than new tablets. (Plus I’m a bit nuts, and didn’t think I’d win the auction…:slight_smile:

Studio One has remote software that works on PC’s, so that will also be used.

Meanwhile, I’m experimenting with getting an Android emulator working on these computers, but it’s proving to be a bit tricky.


Interesting. I am happy there is a MyMon at all, but PC version would be nice.

I have band members who don’t have iPads or Onsong. Most everyone has an iPhone or Android. I was looking at used iPads, so it would solve all issues. They can be had for about $100-125.

For a few hundred bucks, I can put an iPad on all 8 mix positions and be done. That solves the chart issues, and the MyMon mix. Thanks for talking me into that. :rofl: