MyMon - Not Working >Again<

Curious about MyMon in SoundGrid Studio…
On my PC, running LV1, MyMon connects and works fine.
However, on the same PC, using SoundGrid Studio, none of the tablets can see or use MyMon.

When getting LV1 to work (months ago) I renamed my network card to “Ethernet” which solved the problem, and LV1 works great. However, SoundGrid Studio doesn’t seem to function with that work-around.

Is there something else I can try to get MyMon working with SoundGrid Studio?
(I’m running the latest versions of SoundGrid Studio/LV1/MyMon 12/7/2020)

Hi @555AllTheTime :slight_smile:

Please note that MyMon was not yet designed nor qualified to run with any SoundGrid applications other than LV1.

Ah that explains it then. Really looking forward to that addition though, that will close the gap for in-studio work. Meanwhile I’m using LV1.

Any idea what the timeline is for SoundGrid Studio?

Hi @555AllTheTime

We are constantly working on getting our product up-to-date with new features and cross-platform options. That being said, at the moment I cannot provide you with a concrete ETA if and when such update will be out.