MyMon channel selection

MyMon problem description: I have the first 32 channels setup for FOH and duplicate these on the other 32 channels for IEMs. So I have to uncheck the first 32 channels on MyMon so musicians aren’t using those and other things like groups, monitors, etc. I would love a way to set this up so I don’t have go thru and uncheck channels on 6-10 different tablets everytime. It is an absolute time vacuum. Either a global selection in LV1 software or in the MyMon app that saves with the session.


Yes, the ability to show/hide channels in MyMon from LV1 would be wonderful! We’re setup similar to you for monitors. Most of my musicians use their own devices, so I don’t go through each one. They often adjust the wrong channels.

I wish MyMon displayed the channel numbers. Often people ask where something is and I can’t tell them. If I could just say the channel number, that would make it easier.

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