Custom layer and Grouping for My Mon app

Our band is always using wifi remote controlling for their IEMs on stage. This makes it easy for the band members and the My mon app is really useful for that. But there are downsides to the app that other manufactures have fixed in their monitor control apps.

  1. While the My mon app can hide some faders, it would help the musicians to have the control to organise the faders however they want. To put it simply: Ability to make a custom fader layer.

  2. Addition to organizing the faders grouping helps the musicians to not spend too much time fiddling with their phones and get the changes done quickly so they can continue concentrating playing. Now the app does have the link option but it can only hold 4 “groups” and you have to flip to another page.

Yamaha has handled these futures quite well with their MonitorMix app.
Another path would be to open the door to mixing station.

Anyways! Loving the LV1 and the plugins so far!