My plugins are not compatible

it keeps saying that the plug ins arent working becuase they are uncompatible but i dont know what that means

Hi Chris,

It’s always best to contact Tech Support directly with this inquiry…
In general, I can suggest providing this type of information in order for our Forum members to be able to assist here:

  1. Can you type in the exact error message that you are getting on-screen?
  2. Which application provides you with this error message?
  3. Which Operating System version are you using, and which DAW/Music Application will you be using these plug-ins with?

Have a quick look at these links and see if your Waves plugin version is compatible with your OS and DAW.

It may be that you need to update your plugins which can be done via Waves Central. Be aware though, that if you feel you need to do a bug reinstall or spend quite a bit of money on WUP, make sure you talk to a Tech first. It may be that type of thing could be avoided.

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