Most efficient vocal chain

I have been using the following as my vocal chain for post-production cleanup in Reaper.

  • ReaGate
  • ReaEQ
  • ReaComp
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Master Limiter

It works well. Still, I have to do a fair amount of post-production around mouth noises and breathing, and purchased the following to help reduce the post-production time:

  • DeBreath
  • DeEsser
  • x-Click

My question is - where should I locate these three in the previous chain to be most effective?

I like the simplicity of that chain. Reaper stock plug-ins are fantastic.

I believe I have seen instances where someone uses a de-esser before and after compression.

Everything is worth a try, really.

Thanks for your response. The original chain came from a session I had with Mike Delgadio.

What sort of setting are you running on ReaComp?


Here is a screenshot. I don’t know if it will transfer to you. Let me know.

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Noise management plugins are generally best to put first in the chain. The order you have them in seem quite reasonable. Though, there are times when you don’t always want to put them first.

One common situation is the need for a second desser to go after the compressor if it introduces more “ess” artefacts. You’d only want to do that if there is a problem in the first place