Messy programming

I own five Waves FX devices and one Waves synth. Why is it necessary to clutter my system folder with this many redundant Waveshells? There’s well over a gigabyte of Shells here, let alone the actual plugins. Waves has the messiest, most inefficient system integration I’ve ever seen. Your Waveshell concept is a tremendous waste of space and a fine example of lazy programming.

The Waveshells aren’t redundant. As I understand it waves hard MANY plugins. To keep up with the maintenance they all get updated at different times, hence the need for several shells.

It does bug me a bit too, but keep in mind that all the core code for all their plugins exists in those shells. Well it might be in the WPAPI files and the other components are what “hook” into the individual formats. Different versions of the WPAPI will requite their own hooks for compatibility.

This approach to design keeps the overall footprint of the files much smaller and makes the plugins faster and easier to maintain. They save time, they save cost. They save cost, it gets passed down to us. That’s how they can get away with their constant $30 sales.


Welcome to the forum, Nevetsevaus. I respect your concern, but I’m not alarmed about it until there’s an actual problem. For now, Waves has been the easiest out of all the plugins that I have when I moved to a new machine… And I haven’t had any issues with anything not working.

If Simon’s right – that it’s part of what makes the sales possible, then I’m all for whatever that takes. I did the WUP for the 25% off and that felt like good value to me considering I think we’ve gotten 3 plugins since I first bought into Mercury plus the 2x & HiDPI updates for Tune and SSL.

I do sympathize with the concern, though. If anything ever broke down in my system I’d be devastated - I rely on this stuff! But so far, so good.

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@nevetsevaus Hi and thanks for joining our forum, and thanks for your feedback. :slight_smile:
Looking at the screenshot it seems that you have multiple versions installed on the computer (v10/v10/v12) for over 3 years. Also, there seem to be leftovers of older versions internally.
Generally speaking, we install the Wavshells for all platforms so studios with more than one DAW can use their plug-ins in more than one platform (AAX for Pro Tools, Components for Logic VST3 for Cubase, ETC)
If you need to free up some space (or, if you encounter any issue) I’d recommend following links to Uninstall and Reinstall.
Furthermore, you can Clear Waves Centrals’ Caches via the Settings panel on the left of the Waves Central interface.

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