Maxbass adding frequency boost? How does it work?

According to the manual, maxbass is supposed to create harmonics of the fundamental fequency right? Which means if I set it to 100 Hz, it will create harmonics at 100 Hz upwards from the fundamental note of 50 Hz?

But what I’ve also noticed, having checked it on Q-Clone, is that it also boosts the frequency in this erea. Isn’t it only supposed to add harmonics and not frequency based level boosts?

Hey @atticmike! Welcome to the forum, great question!

So, there are three faders in MaxxBass: Input, Original Bass and MaxxBass.

The Original Bass will increase or attenuate the original Bass signal including the fundamental.
If you are experiencing level increase when the original bass is at 0, it is probably because the input is clipping, try to lower the input a bit, that should even it out.

The frequency control does not determine one specific frequency that the plugin created harmonics for, but rather a range on which plugin focuses.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

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