"Humpifier" for bass

I’d really like to see this as both a hardware box for a live player signal chain (phono i/o with a couple knobs) -
Piezo pickups are horrible for bass, mostly because they destroy the natural “h.u.m.p” attack envelope of the instrument. Some basses could use a little more h.u.m.p in the sound even with a mic… this h.u.m.p is what communicates the beat to the band and serves up the “feel” of the “pocket.”

The box would create a sudden db boost and quick decay with minimal latency - with a variable emphasis and sustain on the tail. It would also be nice to be able to adjust how much fundamental is in the boosted signal…
(sorry about the periods in the words above - the system was bleeping it out without em!)

And also, available as a DAW plugin.
This would be most helpful as a hardware box…

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I think I know what you’re on about, also being a bass player myself. But it’s something to help emphasise that bass attack or initial pulse or thump that just pumps when it’s locked in with the drums. Is that right?!?

Yup - that’s the idea.

Yeah I think that a potentially great idea as I have to work hard to get basses to pulse often. A lot of the time over compression can lead to this, but for a solid bottom end you often need to compress quite a bit. I’ll often split the difference and compress some of the bottom end with C6. I’ll often use a bit of Bass Rider as well.

Smaller moves with more plugins is the ides, but it can still be hard retaining that snap, so something like this seems like a great idea.

Ideally, a developer might compare the waveform of a mic’d bass with gut strings pizz attack vs a piezo attack waveform, and apply the necessary (variable) dsp to make the second one look like the first.
If WAVES is into this project, and would like some sound samples to play with, please DM me or reply to the thread and let’s get it going! :slight_smile:

Hi guys,

This sounds like an interesting idea we can play with a little bit… :slight_smile: )

Such possible hardware processors are normally based on plug-ins software.

What would be the plug-in processing chain to perform this task?
You can attach demonstration files and plug-ins preset files here in the thread.

Hey OdelWaves - LM ask you - I think I can get some results with SmackAttack (I’ll try later and get back) - but I wanted to ask you which WAVES plugin can be used to emphasise the fundamental for an adjustable duration?

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I have files for you - but getting the message “New users cannot upload attachments.”
I have a graphic and 2 plugin settings files.
Getting pretty close with Smack Attack and C2.

Smack Attack is a good choice for shaping the envelope. I would also recommend on MaxxBass, RBass, F6, C6, H-EQ, MV2 and IM Pusher for emphasizing the the bass fundamental.

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Is there a way to emphasize the fundamental for the attack only?

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F6… Ot you could use the dynamic eq in C6 plus take advantage of the multiband compression which could also be used to enhance “thump” transients or “snap” transients, which I guess is pretty much what @OdelWaves was suggesting, I imagine. :thinking:

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Guys, with the new release of free SudtioRack v11 plug-in your options are almost limitless.
You can create multiband chains in a very creative and convenient way.
You can use multiband and parallel splitters to emphasize envelope, Bass fundamentals, thump, snap, and much more! Did you have the chance to test it out so far?


Yes, but can it make coffee because my cup is near empty?!? :upside_down_face:

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Great! I’ll check it out… but… can you put it in a box? Phono in/out?

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I would really like to hear your impressions guys :slight_smile:

Courtesy of Rick Jones at Acoustic Image, I learned about the ToneDexter. It learns the wave envelope of the instrument, storing presets for different mics, positions, etc - then applies it to amp signal. Seems to be what I’m looking for.
It’s a stomp box with a mic input for learning, then DSP’s the line in.

It’s handy - but, nothing you can’t do in a DAW with inserts, buses and auxes.

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@wavjburr123 Macro controls work great affecting multiple parameters in different ranges :slight_smile:

Consider the “Scheps Trick” as part of the “h.u.m.p” aspect (censorship is a bit overzealous). Simply he uses a HLS with Bass filter engaged, with no gain applied. Apparently just being on the provides a nice 1-2db boost around 100Hz mark. Or you could try the Thump control in the Omni which was inspired by the same HLS technique.

From there you could do a dynamic eq boost (F6/C6) to fire off only when there’s not quite enough bass.

This sounds awesome, but you lost me.
Can you point to a reference on the “Scheps Trick?”