Mac M1 Ventura Waves Central doesn't see license stick

M1 Mac Mini, everything was fine under Monterey. Waves Central 13.4.1. Horizon and some odds n ends recently updated to V14. Updated to Ventura for an unrelated issue, and Waves Central doesn’t see my FAT32-formatted 4GB license USB stick. It’s right there on the desktop. I can look at the 47kb license file which is the only thing on it.

No licenses means no plugins. Help!

I have another stick with different licenses for portable us with live sound mixers. Doesn’t see that one, either.

I am having the same is but NOT on a M1.
I purchased a full WUP this morning in hopes it would work but it still no longer see’s my USB stick that I have used for many many years and works for my PA licenses.
My OS does see my USB stick, I have done all the W central directions with no luck.

I willbe watching this thread… but your not alone here.

It’s Waves’ DRM fighting with Ventura. Something in Waves Central can’t see USB sticks formatted as either EXFAT or FAT32 under Ventura. Their recommendation is to use another computer to move the licenses to the cloud and then to the active computer directly, or perhaps format a stick as AFPS or one of the MacOS Extended formats, although they also say that is not officially supported. In my case, I was up to date on support for the plugins I really need, so I was able to activate my second licenses for them on my DAW computer. They say they are working on it, but no ETA for a fix.

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Problems may surface time to time because of changes in computer architecture, OS systems or DAWs. Waves is pretty good at acknowledging them though and coming up with a permanent solution, even though it may take a little time to figure out.

So why the workarounds above may prove to be a pain, I’m reckoning that it would only be temporary.