Distressor plugin

It’s long overdue…we need this now more than ever with LV1 becoming more popular.


Ever considered the H-Comp?? It’s not quite a Distressor, but given that it’s Analog setting changes the compressor emulation it gives you like 5 compressors in 1. Which could be real handy in a live situation.

Try settings 1 or 2, slam it, add a bit of Punch back in and then use the Mix knob to blend it in parallel. For something more harmonically rich try Analog settings 3 or 4. It won’t replace a Distressor, but it will increase your sound sculpting options for sure.

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Hopefully you’ll be able to come up with a fairly decent compromise.

Perhaps throw a distortion plugin in to the mix as well, especially if you’re wanting that to extra grit. Whatever you’ve got, but you can try looking at Manny’s plugin. And if you need to you can always put the two of them into the Studio Rack so you can use it’s Macros to create a much simpler, unified solution.

At least until they make something closer to a Distressor. There’s quite a few of these on the market already, so I’m not so sure Waves will just copy the crowd with that one as well. So you may need an alternative anyway.