LV1 surface lock extra option

Would like to see a surface lock that keeps the channels from being moved around in the custom banks. Sometimes when grabbing a fader on a touch screen it has a tendency to move the channel around, it would be nice if you could lock them in place while not locking the entire surface down…

thanks for considering!

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Your suggestion for a surface lock option that specifically prevents channels from being rearranged in custom banks within LV1 is a thoughtful one. It seems like this feature could significantly enhance the precision and stability of the user interface, especially for touch screen users.

Your feedback reflects a desire for a more tailored and customizable locking mechanism that addresses the specific concern of unintentional movement during fader adjustments.

To increase the likelihood of your idea being considered and potentially implemented, I recommend sharing your feedback directly with the LV1 development team or through their official support channels. Developers often appreciate user input as it helps them understand user needs and preferences, leading to potential enhancements in future updates.

Thank you for taking the time to share your suggestion, and I hope it contributes to an even smoother user experience in LV1.

Not sure if you know, but there is actually a lock strips option in custom bank channel drop down menu. But having it as an option in the surface lock menu would maybe make it a bit faster to access.


i didn’t know that! that’s exactly what i need. thanks! it probably would be a bit nicer to have it in the surface lock menu like you mentioned…