LV1 Lock/Hide Master Faders in broadcast

Thanks for an excellent product! I am working for a TV broadcast company and we are about to implement LV1 in one of our production galleries. We will use an iPad for the engineer responsible for rigging and checking the talent wireless microphones. (And a headphone output for hearing the cue signal.) I have created a Custom layer on MIXER2 that includes only the seven wireless microphones. This particular mixer page is to be used on the iPad. It’s a major issue for us that this page also always includes the master fader (LR, C or M). We wouldn’t like the microphone rigger person to accidentally turn down the master fader of the show. I would therefore like to propose either a locking option for the three master busses - LR, C and M or a way to hide them on the custom layer(s).


That makes total sense. I’m surprised this isn’t already a feature.