Is the SSL G-Equalizer necessary?

I would love to know if the the SSL G-Equalizer that important or necessary if you already own the channel strip. I own every SSL plugin except this one. I got an email today encouraging me to buy the the SSL G-Equalizer that important at a discount and complete ( get the whole bundle ). s this really necessary to this EQ or have the entire bundle ?

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Maybe not, but having the eq in isolation gives the flexibility of combining it with a different compressor and maybe a different gate and pre-amp. So it does give the creative flexibility.

Of course you can do the same thing with the channel strip and turn off the other features. Personally I’m not a huge fan of that approach, using a channel strip just for one feature. I think its over kill, but thats my personal opinion.

Part of me actually wished their channel strip does come as discrete modules for that exact reason.

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