IOS plug-ins Midi/Mackie support?


I’m using the bundle you provide through Cubasis.

I use Midi extensively, including with a Behringer X Touch control surface. Cubasis does support the X Touch (straight up Mackie), but not in any way for your IOS plug-ins.

While your IOS plug-ins work extremely well from a sonic perspective, the UI, pretty as it is, leaves one to believe that Waves isn’t entirely committed to IOS. If you’re not, I understand.

It’s frustrating trying to dial-in a setting on the iPad screen. Some of your competitors offer alternative approaches to data entry (for examples, hold down a control to display a field for numeric entry or midi-learn).

If Waves is committed to IOS, supporting Midi learn and (preferably Mackie) would be a great enhancement.


Hi Dov,

I am thinking of getting the Waves plugin bundle for Cubasis on IOS, mainly for the H-Delay unit.

I want to control the delay parameters with a Korg or Akai midi controller - am I to understand that H-Delay does not support midi learn?


Hi Rutterio,

Unfortunately, none of the Waves plug-ins on IOS support midi learn.

Suggestion: look at FabFilter’s offerings. All their plug-ins have an incredible UI on IOS and support midi learn.


Thanks for your prompt reply Dov - I’m glad I checked before buying!

I may go for FabFilter’s Timeless 3, it’s more expensive but I want the ability to control delay feedback and freeze via midi.

Best regards,