Inphase in Reason 11

I am trying to use InPhase v11.0 (mono version) to analyze two mono guitar tracks in Reason 11. I have followed the guide instructions but can’t figure out how to patch InPhase in a sidechain configuration. The instructions seem to indicate that there is a sidechain input on the InPhase device, but there is no such input.

The “how to” videos show InPhase being used in ProTools or some other platform, where the connection menus, buttons, etc. are completely different.

Has anyone else used InPhase in Reason with success?



Hi Tim,

Unfortunately, Waves does not support SideChain in Reason, as mentioned in the Supported Hosts notes.

Thank you for replying. That’s quite disappointing. I was hoping to put it to good use.

I would like to be refunded for the cost of the plugin. That limitation was not expressed or made clear in the offer that I responded to when I bought the plugin.


Tim Lang