Include Artist name in Plugin preset display


Now when more and more plugins comes with loads of different artists presets (often structured in a folder hierarchy based on artist name), I think it would be great if the artists name is also displayed as part of the name for selected preset in the plugin window.

For example as “Epic Solo SEND (Ben Fowler)” instead of just “Epic Solo SEND” as shown in the example below where I have just made an example.

This would make it so much easier to see/remember what preset you have selected.


I like your idea.

Though I do have to confess that, on a personal level, I am really not a fan of having settings sorted by artist, I would much rather settings sorted by instrument. Its a practicality thing.

As example, say I wasn’t to process a bass… I don’t really want to go digging through every artist folder to find patches made for bass, I’d just rather look in a single folder labeled "Bass’. If I’m in a that folder and see a setting designed by a certain artist then I’ll certainly give it a try.

It’s all about workflow. When I’m thinking instruments I’m not thinking artist, thats so counterintuitive personally speaking. You do, however, offer a great idea to users who like to surf through artist folders.


And the issue is not so much about the sorting when browsing!
It’s more about once you have selected a preset and go back to the plugin after a while and it says Lead Vocal and you have no idea of what/who’s lead vocal.

By adding the artist name in the displayed preset name that becomes so much clearer!!


Well that would be another problem. But I still maintain my original issue with the preset system as well. :thinking:

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