I cannot find LoAir & Smack Attack within the Horizon bundle!

During the beginning of 2020, I purchased the Waves Horizon bundle and to my astonishment, they were really fantastic and fun to use.

However, a few days back I realized that under the list of all my plugins (Horizon bundle) I lacked two plugins specifically LoAir and Smack Attack. I deleted every single folder and file that was related to Waves, reinstalled them, and I still cannot find the plugins.

I have contact support, but I have only received one reply saying in brief, “that they should be there and I was eligible in updating my plugins to V12”

Any help or guidance would be helpful!

Those plugins were added to the Horizon bundle in V12. If you have already installed V12 and aren’t seeing them, you can install them individually through Waves Central.

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Holy moly! Your response was faster than the support!

Yup! I just upgraded it and found it. I will install them soon:)

Thank you!!!