GTR needs an update

GTR is lapsing to the point where it will soon be, if its not already, non-competitive in the AmpSim market; even WAVES seems to be signaling the abandonment of GTR by launching the PRS AmpSim plugins separately. If GTR is going the way of the dodo then so be it; but if not, then here are some of my ideas of where GTR needs improvement: 1. Support for cabinet impulse responses, including controls to tweak the IR curve, 2. A more sophisticated and user controllable signal chain routing scheme with improved view, 3. Ability to integrate WAVES mix/master plugins into the signal chain, 4. A single, expandable “Stomp” plugin to replace the 2, 4 and 6 tray plugins, 5. Provide more than six module inserts (seven if you count the Amp+Cab); at least a dozen, 6. Every module should include “In” and “Out” level controls (at the very least “Out”) and meters for quickly identifying and correcting gain staging issues, 7. Provide an input signal EQ for shaping the input tone, 8. If you don’t provide for integrating WAVES mix/master plugins (as suggested in 3 above) then include a studio rack section for modules like: Parametric EQ, Convolution Reverb, Multi-band Compression, etc., 9. Provide deeper user control over the stomp parameters, or create studio rack versions with deeper controls if you want to keep the stomps simple. I have more ideas but these are the one’s that I think would get GTR back to a respectable standing in the AmpSim game …

I’m with you pretty much. I think the PRS Amps are a great start and probably create a new stand with which they can build their other amps on.

I also a feel that one, resizable Stomp plugin should be the way to go, especially now that plugin UIs can now be refreshed and resized more readily than thy could 10 years ago. The MDMX distortion plugins, and the modulation modules in Kaleidoscope would make a good basis to build their stomp effects on too.

One thing I would like to see, however, that no one does, is keyboard amps. Generally there is alot of overlap with guitar amps here, with a Leslie thrown in, its just that its always hard to find what amps were used traditionally. Having a selection of “keyboard” amps could simplify this who process for producers and keyboardists.

In today and age where keyboards and synths and lo-fi sounds are quite prominent in music it makes this kind of request quite fair and reasonable.

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