Get Authentic Analog Sounding Masters with the Vinyl

I was trying the Abbey Roads vinyl on a very Bollywood style song Master.
I put it after the Safira in the chain after boosting some harmonics on the Safira.
My attention went first to the Cartridges options . MM had that vibe around the Low Mid section but i preferred the MC because of the cleaner tone. The Generation Switch swaps between Lacquer or Print
Tere is a distinct difference between the 2 with the Latter adding more Harmonics( kept the Lacquer ).The turntable selection was also very interesting . I somehow preferred the DJ turntable for this song :smile:
When you increase the Input it really adds a lot of colouration to the sound . But this unit does not have a lot of headroom so i took utmost care in the gain staging to assure that the needle didn’t cross way above 0. The phase distortion is very Musical sounding even at liberal amounts!!
I did not test the Tape slow down effect and the Wow and Flutter are at default since am currently strictly using it for Mastering. Much like the Actual vinyl , i found some ess frequencies about 4-4.5 getting exaggerated but i could control that with Minor dessing . Also that could be probably because i had the phase distortion engaged .But i loved what i did to the overall sound so i chose to de-ess .
I found it very Characterful and Polished. It also adds a sheen ( kind of Air ) to the entire sound i felt.
This happens particularly when you engage the TG input .
In the end i put the WLM Plus with LUFS around -10. I also engaged the pre filter on the WLM plus to 20 and 16000 .
Sounds good. Hope to share it soon :slight_smile:
Shine on…


Great in-depth description, thank you @krma!

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My pleasure Andy ! will try and post the song soon

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Very interesting @krma. i would really like to hear a sample of the result. (before and after maybe?)


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Sure. Will try and upload Asap

Yeah I think part of the secret to get that good vinyl sound is the dynamics, since vinyl lacks a lot of it. I’m thinking that adding compression or a multiband before it might help refine the sound.

Well, it sounds like you got some pretty good results yourself.

Yup im really Happy. will share soon :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this krma. The main issue I have had with the Vinyl is the introduction of a ‘saturated’ high mid sound on some mixes when mastering. Since ‘bitten’ by this, I tend to only use the Vinyl on mixes that don’t have a strong high mid presence. I’m wondering if the de-esser might be a way to deal with this. Can you tell me how you applied the de-esser, which one you used and the approach you took with it? Many thanks

Yes True that but thats is in a way the beauty of Vinly. Thats why old Vinly Masters with Lufs of hardly -18 were so Present . I used the R desser in the Split Mode with Freq around 4 k Mark( Depending on the Key of the song you could automate it if you are Mastering a complete Album

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Interesting point. With the increased level introduced by a limiter at the end of the chain the ‘saturation’ becomes more apparent and can unfortunately sound quite ugly. As I indicated in a post elsewhere in the forum I mix to -18 and in mastering I work at this level all the way up to the limiter but it’s the added grunt to bring the project up to ‘radio ready’ that emphasises the issue. Thanks for your response kurma.