Flow Motion problems

I wonder if anyone with an m1 Mac (Ventura,latest) has waves Flow Motion synth. It crashes FL Studio (latest)when loaded on any existing project but works on new projects if loaded before anything else.I’m trying to figure out if this is an Fl issue or a waves issues or something in my system. I’ve tried it running Fl in Rossetta and Native. rescanned. deleted and reinstalled all Waves files. Contacted Waves support. Tried a fresh install of Fl Studio. Flow Motion works for me in Ableton,Bitwig,Logic,GarageBand ,Reaper and Serato studio so it seems like an Fl Studio problem.I posted this in the Image Line forums as well but no response yet. Mostly just looking to see if anyone else has this issue. Thanks

Hi @chance26b,

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Crashes in existing sessions might result from clashes between 3rd party plugins or sometimes a faulty session.

It is essential to make sure you load Waves only as VST3 and not any other format which can lead to issues such as crashing among other issues.

The fact that it loads in new sessions indicates the licensing and software installation is ok, otherwise, if it was Flow motion only related it would not load properly in any scenario.

A Tech Support remote session that was offered over email should hopefully clear this out.

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In case anyone else is having this problem I got Flow Motion to work in FL Studio by rolling back Macs latest security update 13.3.1. It’s not recommended to do this I guess but the option was there. seems it is a known issue that it can cause apps to quit unexpectedly. SOLVED

Hi Chance,

Glad to hear you managed to solve the issue, though rolling back OS security updates or software is not recommended since you might end up creating more issues, on top of the one you’re trying to solve. Whenever a Waves-related issues appear I strongly suggest contacting support and letting them diagnose and solve the reported issue this will also save you some precious time hopefully.