The program ended unexpectedly

I have a problem when I try to open Sibilence V12 or Waves Tune V12 in my program it crashes. The other plugins work perfectly. Can anybody help me further ?

how can I upgrade it from V12 to V14

I use a Macbook Pro M1 Sonoma 14.2.1 and produce on Studio One 6

Hi @armin8okanovic,

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Waves V12 is not supported or qualified to run on OS Sonoma so that might be the cause for the mentioned error.

You can upgrade your V12 licenses V14 from the next link.

If you need any further technical assistance with updating your Waves products do not hesitate to Contact Technical Support directly for assistance.

Wall actually pretty sure that Version 12 can’t even run on M class processors either.

They speak a completely different language to the Intel processors, the code isn’t interchangeable. Well not unless you use Rosetta which does a real time translation between the two code bases, but at a cost to CPU and memory usage.

However, Waves, completely skipped the “Rosetta compatibility” phase and went straight to Native compatibility. Which I believe was introduced with Version 13. So you’ll definitely need to update your plugins or even take advantage of a sale and upgrade to larger bundle.