FIT: Support for standard MC and HUI, as per MIDIPlus's early manual

Hold Select for Channel 1 when powering up for LV1 Mode
Hold Select for Channel 2 when powering up for MC Mode
Hold Select for Channel 3 when powering up for HUI Mode

If the code is already available, why not use it? It seems this would be a very simple thing to add/allow

I work live, but also studio and remote location recording… I’d really like my controllers to work in Pro Tools as well (HUI)… I take my LV1 rigs out for remote record all the time, but if I use them with Pro Tools , I’m having to use a different surface, or no surface at all… obviously being able to use the same exact rig both ways would be very nice.

Pretty sure this would sell more units as well

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Hi @JonRussell_TableSyrup

We currently don’t support Mackie/HUI modes with FIT and we can’t guarantee it’ll be supported in the future.

It might work, but we won’t be able to assist with related inquiries.

This ‘early manual’ you are referring to is an outdated manual from before FIT was released, not taken from our official website.

If you look at the official user guide , you’ll see that it doesn’t mention Mackie/HUI since it’s not supported.

Still requesting…

I was super excited for the FIT… I suppose I still am, but this does take my excitement down a lot… I’d really really like to see HUI mode as well

Thanks, you guys rock :slight_smile:

Hi Jon I understand and definitely agree… it would be great… and Hopefully it will.

Just wanted to notify you (and all) with our current official position regarding that inquiry.

We appreciate the kind words.

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