F6 EQ, ren compressor and L1 limiter for voiceover?

I’m liking these three for VO. Any recommendations for settings for male VO?

Heya Flemm…

Males often benefit from a bit of a lift at about 80-16Hz, depending on the voice. Quite often, though a proximity boost will do this. Then again sometimes its too much.

This seems to be a perfect job for a dynamic eq like the F6, so you can set it up to compliment the bottom end if it is too weak and/or set it up to duck when it is too prominent.

While you’re doing this, you may as well take advantage of adding a higher end for dressing issues. If plosives are a problem then you can also set up another band to handle this too. That happens also at the bottom end, but tends to be broader band and much more quick.

You can set yourself up a test file where you intentionally trigger a little sibilance and plosives, just so you can fine tune your preset. Then you can turn the bands off, but know they are there ready to use whenever you need them.

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