Extend EV2 filters

Would be great to have the ability to extend the LP and HP filters past the limits of the original desk.

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Nice idea. Is this so you can use them for some kind of lofi/radio type of effect??

That would be one use yep, but I regularly have to reach for another EQ when I need just the bottom, or top end of a signal for separate processing. Or for example to filter out everything from 1k down on a tambourine.

The Brainworx SSL has a multiplier / divider button on the filters, which give you three times the range. (Still limiting, but I suppose keeps it within the SSL families feature set)

Remember the EV2 can host a second plugin so you can always insert another filter, or perhaps a multiband where you can also exploit the crossover points for this kind of thing

Unless this is a hidden feature I don’t know anything about, I’m guessing you’re confusing EV2 with Mixhub or some other strip?

Ah… yep. I am indeed confusing it with Mixhub and Scheps Omni