V2.0 Puigtec EQs + HLF-3C (vintage highpass/lowpass)

I’ve been using the incredible Waves Puigtec EQs lately and I wanted to share a suggestion for a 2.0 release:

Right now Puigtec EQP-1A and MEQ-5 are two separate plugins, and there is no equivalent of the HLF-3C Pultec highpass/lowpass filter (1960’s Pultec HLF-3C- High and Low Pass Filter | Maxico | Reverb)

What if you combined EQP-1A, MEQ-5, and an emulation of the HLF-3C into a single UI? You could even default each section to “off” so they’re not using CPU when not in use, similar to the sections of Scheps Omni Channel.

Even if you didn’t combine them, adding an emulation of the HLF-3C to the Puigtec set would be an excellent addition.

PS. To anyone who hasn’t tried the Puigtec EQs yet, check them out! There’s a trick with the EQP-1A where you “boost & atten” on the same frequency and it creates a resonant shelf that sounds great. Try it at 20hz and then do a lowpass on your master at 35hz or so for a low end boost.

Also – a boost of 2 at 10khz with the EQP-1A is sometimes just what a vocal needs to give it some air!


This not the first time Ive seen this idea mentioned, but I, too, would also appreciate an “integrated” option. I think it should also be a free update to those who already own it and have a valid WUP, if it works out to be viable.

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I like the Idea but personally I hate how plugin devs bundle all of these into one plugin. If you want that, just use Noiseash Ruletec, or as a free alternative, use Ignite Amps PTEQ-X. The UI isn’t that great but it has exactly what you’re after. It’s a good emulation as well. The thing I WOULD like to see implemented is the ability to hide the VU meter and Gain knob. It’s good and all but I don’t like the way it looks on the plugin and tbh I never use the gain knob as we had pultec emulations at uni that didn’t have this much like the original obviously. But yes, I think having the HLF3C emulation would be cool as well, although waves would probably charge us to upgrade lol


Ha! It was the Ignite Amps PTEQ-X version that made me request it with Waves! Unfortunately it’s very low res and with my 4k screen I really need the scaling. … And for whatever reason I’m biased in favor of the Waves’s sound.

I rarely use one Puigtec EQ without the other, so it just feels like they should have option to connect – and the lowpass/highpass is appreciated as well.

But I understand your point, too!!! I wouldn’t want them to ALWAYS be connected, just as an option, or a 3rd plugin that attaches both.

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Almost everywhere else I’ve seen this plugin done they’ve included both units in the one plugin. Sometimes its a twin rack style interface, other times they’ve just relaid out the controls on a single faceplate.

Either way, a good idea is till a good idea!! It’s just a real shame that Waves never chose this path originally.

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