Ethernet Speed Specs on Soundgrid Server and DigiGrid D

I have a Soundgrid Extreme Server and a DigiGrid D interface connected through an approved Netgear gigabit switch, but they’re not connecting at gigabit speed. I’m using CAT6 STP cables as recommended. Is there something wrong, or is this the correct speed. There’s no mention of what the speed should be in the documents.

Digigrid D and M, and Q (desktop series) are all 100Mbit gears not the same as Soundgrid servers or IOX, IOS, (pro series) etc

After closer examination of the switch ports the SGS is connecting at Gbit and the Digigrid D at 100Mbit. I wonder why they chose to use 100Mbit for the desktop series…

Because , It it enought to work . with desktop series

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