Digigrid D always at 100mbps ..... is that normal?

hey guys newer to Digigrid D
2018 macbook pro
usbc adapter 1gbps, also another 2.5gbps
try both in macos, and bootcamp windows
the soundgrid studio always show the link speed in red 100mbps

is this normal ?
or i get some problem?
there is no information on google

and can i know that is 100mbps enough for best audio quality
both in recording and playback

or are there some way to make my macbook pro connect D at 1gbps


Well one mono stream of 96k/24bit audio works out to be a little over 2.3mbps, so I think it would be certainly enough bandwidth for many I/O streams, but also leave enough bandwidth for other Ethernet streams… if you had any.

So I say that this behaviour is normal for sure.

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thanks for the reply

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