eMotion ST vs LV1

Started with Waves plugs back in mid-90s but very much new to the SoundGrid platform (discovered like 3 days ago :person_facepalming:). Yes, I’m very much late to this game.

After reading the manual and checking some vids, it looks to me like the eMotion ST 64ch mixer now can fully replace a small HOW FOH kit, especially if you’ve already got digital stage boxes. What’s the impetus for adopting the LV1 then currently at 20x the cost? Touch capable screens? Matrix mixes (not applicable to most small to mid size churches)?

It just can’t be differences in summing. Math is math after all.

From what i can tell, and i have not used Emotion ST yet, the big difference is busses(matrixes). If the Emotion ST fits your needs then that is great. What is not made immediately apparent is if the MyMon app can be used with Emotion ST, i see no mention of it anywhere. It also makes no mention of master channels as well but one would assume they are there. I’m sure there are other gotchas like the User Defined Keys and DCAs. Also while it is probably insignificant the LV1 supports up to 16 device connections while the Emo ST only supports 14, don’t know why there is that limitation. I’ll keep pouring through the info and see if i can find more differences. It would be in Waves best interest to give a compare tool on their website for the 2 softwares.


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