NEW! eMotion LV1 v11 Update!

NEW! eMotion LV1 v11 Update
We are pleased to introduce the new version (v11) of the eMotion LV1 live mixer, with NEW highly requested features:

NEW MyMon personal monitor mixing app for mobile devices (iOS & Android)

NEW More monitor auxes and matrix mix buses added to all 3 eMotion LV1 configurations:

  • eMotion LV1 64-Ch – now with 16 monitor auxes & 8 matrixes
  • eMotion LV1 32-Ch – now with 16 monitor auxes & 8 matrixes
  • eMotion LV1 16-Ch – now with 8 matrixes

NEW Share computers, DAWs and audio interfaces between multiple eMotion LV1 systems

NEW Flexible send options between auxiliary mix buses

NEW Improved store & recall of sessions, scenes & snapshots

NEW Tap tempo on main toolbar

NEW Full integration with Waves v11 plugins

NEW Full compatibility with Windows 10 & macOS 10.15 Catalina

NEW Improved performance and stability; bug fixes: see support notes

If your eMotion LV1 license is currently covered by the Waves Update Plan, you can update eMotion LV1 to v11 free of charge, then download the software via Waves Central.

If you do not have current coverage, please renew your Waves Update Plan for eMotion LV1.

Before updating, please check that your system supports eMotion LV1 v11.

New features: MyMon personal monitoring app, much more

Personal Monitor Mixing App for the eMotion LV1 mixer

MyMon is a free new iOS/Android app that gives musicians on stage direct control of their monitor mix, directly from their mobile phone or tablet: Adjust mix levels, mute & pan, apply post-mix EQ, and link channels to custom single-fader groups. Compatible with the Waves eMotion LV1 mixer.

App Store\ 88x28 Google Play\ 88x28

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Check out how to set the MyMon app with eMotion LV1

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