Dorrough Mono meter issue

I just purchased the Dorrough v14 meters, which are excellent of course. But when I import a stereo audio file into Cubase Pro 12 and place a Dorrough Mono meter on the left and right channel tracks, only one responds. Am I doing something invalid, or this is a possible defect? I can’t find many internet references to this behaviour.

But I notice if I put a Stereo meter on each channel, the left channel displays on the left LED strip, and the right channel displays on the right LED in that instance of the meter.

I will add as a result of further investigation that this all works fine in Reaper.

Hi @andrew.bernard,

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This behavior sounds Cubase related and should be addressed by our Tech team (which I see you are already in touch with.) who should be able to help you in fixing this.

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Waves support is sort of helping. They want me to make a video, even after I have described in very clear terms how to reproduce this in about five steps, so I am not getting very far.

Now I have also observed the same phenomenon with the SSL Channel Strips - only one channel registers. Yet analysis plugins from every other vendor work correctly. I am suspecting this is a Waves issue at heart and not a Cubase problem. But all suggestions welcome.

It probably does not matter if the Dorrough Mono meter does not work, but having the SSL Mono channel strip not work is bad.

Cubase 12.0.4 Pro. Windows 11.

Hi @andrew.bernard,

I see you were provided with the correct information and as mentioned previously this was related to Cubase internal routing when using Mono To Stereo plugins.

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