Dithering to 24 bit and noise shaping on L2

When using the WLM after the L2 what do we do with the dithering in L2?
The session is 24 bit. Is it OK to have the L2 dither at 24, with noise shaping, then go into the WLM true peak limiter and then dither to 16 bit from Logic?

Actually the only thing I would change there is either turn the L2 dither off, or Logic dither off, there’s not much sense to have both dithers on.

Otherwise it sounds to me like a pretty solid process.

Perhaps do a few comparison tests. What you mostly want to be interested in is really quiet decays and reverb tails and see what sounds more desirable. So you’d have to jack it up by about 40dB or so just to hear it. Be very careful though, because if you run regular audio through at these loud levels you could risk damaging something.

Thanks for the reply :),
I have always kept dither off on the L2 when it is not last on the chain.
But I was having trouble one day with a mix and tried turning on noise shaping and that had an effect on the sound, subtle smoothing effect.
And I notice that IDR remains on when dither is off and noise shaping is on.
So what happens when dither is off and noise shaping is on?
What is noise shaping doing if dithering is off?

That’s a really good question. At a guess I’d say the shaped noise is still active even though its not dithering. It could have been a dosing choice freeing people’s options up. But thats a guess.

You can always just run a test, one with, one without the noise. Crank up the quiet parts and compare them.

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