L2 Maximizer True Peaks

True peaks

Hello everybody,
I have a question about the L2 Maximizer.
I use it as the last plugin in the channel strip.
If I lower the threshold and thus try to achieve a loudness of approx. 12-14 LUFS, the set Out Ceiling value of 0.3 is displayed in the volume meter as a peak value. The True Peak display shows me the True Peaks from e.g. +0.9.
That is a high true peak value, which could cause distortion in CD players.
How to deal with it?
Or am I doing something wrong?
Can someone help me?

Thanks in advance.

Hi there @ulrich-rother,

L2 is not a true-peak limiter and does not follow the LUFS format.
Please look in to WLM+ which has a true-peak limiter and will indicate if you are hitting your LUFS target. I suggest you demo it :slight_smile:
Use that as last in chain, after the L2.

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